WhatsApp Desktop: Install WhatsApp on PC

Install WhatsApp on PC: With a billion+ installations and 66.3M ratings it is definitely the most popular Instant Messaging application.

WhatsApp Desktop: Install WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp Desktop

Do you know that there is a PC version of WhatsApp client? Well, there is one and it's called WhatsApp Desktop. This gives you the access to WhatsApp on PC. WhatsApp is definitely the most popular Instant Messaging application. With a billion+ installations and 66.3M ratings, it is the most used IM app right now. We use it in our day-to-day life, even in the work-space. So, it becomes critical to keep a tab on the latest messages we get so we do not miss anything important updates.

Now, if you work a lot on PC or computer then this is a great tool. You might be wondering: "Why we need this when we can access WhatsApp on browser?". That's right but you get more with the desktop client, like:

  • You don't need to login using QR code again and again.
  • All medias are saved in your PC.
  • If you have removed any WhatsApp media from your phone then you can access it here.
  • Easy to use and access from PC.
  • Easy to send files from PC.

Great! isn't it?  Yeah it is.. but there is a catch. It requires your WhatsApp app on phone to stay connected in order to access the WhatsApp on PC. In my opinion it's not a big deal.

# System Requirements

There is no special requirement for WhatsApp to run on your PC except the OS and versions. Given that WhatsApp Desktop is very light weight, it can run on any system. However, one requires to have WhatsApp installed on the phone in order to access it on the PC.      OS    Mac OS X 10.9 or Windows 8 and higher  

# Download WhatsApp Desktop

This is an official software so you can download and install it from the official website. We have provided download links below for 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions.

Download 64-BIT Version

Download 32-BIT Version

Not sure which version to download? Go to this link, it'll automatically provide you link for the correct version according to you CPU architecture.


# WhatsApp Desktop tips and tricks

It is a great utility for a busy person. And thanks to mindful devs, there are great features that you will absolutely enjoy.


You can drag and drop any media file from WhatsApp to any folder or desktop on your device.
Similarly, you can drag a media file from your PC in to the WhatsApp chat to send it.

You can also drag a link from WhatsApp chat on your desktop or folder to create a browser shortcut. Also, you can drop that link directly into browser address bar to open that link on that browser.

# Chat ShortcutYou can use ctrl+1 to open the first chat, ctrl+2 for second chat and so on. You may also use ctrl+tab to navigate to the next chat. It works just like tabs in a browser.

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