How To: Update DNS Records

DNS records of a domain name points to the host of the website.

How To: Update DNS Records

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is like a directory of the internet which stores the addresses of websites. When you look for cjmtechs.com, DNS tells your browser the IP address of this website. You update DNS records to point your domain to the IP address of the website (server where it is hosted).

‘NS’ records: It specifies the servers which provide DNS service for that domain.

‘A’ records: It points a hostname (like www, @ and *) to one or more IP addresses.

Let’s update DNS records without getting too much technical about it.

Update NS and A records

Once you are done purchasing hosting services, you would need to point your domain to the nameservers and IP address of your host. Nameservers and IP address are provided by the host.

To update ‘NS’ records and ‘A’ records:

  • Log in to your domain registrar website. Just like mine is BigRock.
  • Locate settings for the domain which you want to use on your website
  • Update ns records for your domain, it should be like this: ‘ns1.yourhost.com’. Generally, your host or CDN provides this.
  • Add a new A record for '*.yourdomain.com', '@.yourdomain.com', and ‘www.yourdomain.com‘ with your server IP address against each.
  • Set TTL in seconds (time-to-live) in each record (A and NS records). TTL tells your computer a time interval in which it should refresh DNS records. You can leave it as default but for faster DNS records refresh rate keep it as minimum as possible.
  • Wait till your DNS records are updated, it may take up to 24 hours. Depending on the TTL in DNS records.

..and now you know how to update DNS records. If you are facing issues regarding DNS records then let me know in the comment section.


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