Run commands to open applications/utilities quickly

Quick launch Run Commands for Windows applications/tools.

Run commands to open applications/utilities quickly

In this article, I am writing some of the most important RUN commands that are used to open applications/utilities quickly.

What is RUN?

Run is a tool available in the Windows operating systems which are used to launch any application through the command. (Note: command is the name of the executable file of the particular application).

How to open RUN?

  • Using start menu – Click on the START button and then click on RUN
  • Using shortcut key – Hold “Window key” and press “R” i.e. “Window key + R)

Useful run commands to open applications/tools

  1. winword – To open Microsoft word
  2. powerpnt -To open Microsoft PowerPoint
  3. excel – To open Microsoft Excel
  4. notepad – To open notepad
  5. mspaint – To open Microsoft paint
  6. devmgmt.msc – To open device manager
  7. dfrg.msc – To open Window’s disk defragment tool
  8. diskmgmt.msc – To open the disk management tool
  9. eventvwr.msc – To open the event viewer
  10. fsmgmt.msc – To open shared folders
  11. gpedit.msc – To open the group policy editor
  12. winver – To open Windows version information
  13. msinfo32 – To open system information properties that can be used to get attached device’s related information
  1. appwiz.cpl – To open Control panel’s add/remove programs
  2. timedate.cpl – To open date and time properties
  3. desk.cpl – To open display properties
  4. fonts – To open font folder
  5. inetcpl.cpl – To open internet related properties
  6. main.cpl – To open control panel’s Mouse properties.
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