Remove unwanted tabs and pop-ups from Google Chrome using Google Chrome Cleanup Tool

Remove unwanted tabs and pop-ups from Google Chrome using Google Chrome Cleanup Tool

If you are using internet through Google Chrome and suddenly any unwanted tab or pup-up opens automatically what will be your reaction I can understand.

But you don’t worry; in this blog I am telling you how you can remove these unwanted tabs and pop-ups? So that you can surf internet without any problem.

Here, I am writing about a tool provided by Google Chrome called “Google Chrome Cleanup Tool”.

What is Google Chrome Cleanup Tool?

This application is able to scan and clean unwanted applications which are causing problems (like opening unwanted tabs, opening pop-ups, unexpected links, ads on the opened webpage etc – anything which is unwanted or unexpected) with Google Chrome browsing.


How to install Google Chrome Cleanup Tool?

Here are the simple steps to download and install Google Chrome Cleanup Tool, follow these steps to surf internet without any problems in Google Chrome:

Step 1) Open this link to download it

Step 2) Accept the terms and conditions and start download by click on Accept and Download button

Step 3) When downloading will be completed, open and run the application

Step 4) Click on continue (if there is no unwanted application found, if found anything wrong it will clean)

Step 5) Click on reset to apply default settings

Browser will be rested to the default settings with disabling all extensions

Now you can enjoy with the virus kind of applications after cleaning by this Chrome Cleanup Tool, I hope now your browser will not show anything which may cause your browser while you are surfing and doing some important work. You can enjoy your chrome experience just like before when you installed new operating system or new chrome browser.
Thanks for reading this blog, have any feedback about this blog, tool or anything; send me the feedback. I’ll be happy to reply your feedback.

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