Redmi Note 5 vs ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1

This is the comparison between two mid-range Android Titans: Redmi Note 5 and ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1

Redmi Note 5 vs ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1

Both of these devices are actually really good, both of them actually have the same processor that is the Snapdragon 636 SOC, hence it’s very fluid on both the device. You will not notice any lag units or anything while using this device so no problems in that. I would say both of them are sort of equal.


Now let’s move to other practical things that is the actual speaker on these devices, but of them are having a single speaker here at the bottom and both are actually adequately loud, actually pretty lot for a single speaker setup but what I noticed is that when I keep the volume level at the max on the Redmi Note 5, it’s slightly or tiny and shrimp whereas that’s not the case with the Zenfone Max Pro M1.

Headphone Jack

If you listen to a lot of music, I like the music output by the Zenfone Max Pro. It definitely had a little bit more depth compared to the Redmi Note 5. Max Pro also has different profile settings inside the settings so there you can tweak this sound but with the Zenfone Max out of the box, when I tested at the various headphones, the output was good. And it had depth in the music.

Finger Print Sensor

Now moving to another thing, and this is sort of important because the original Zenfone Max Pro had complaints about the fingerprint scanner but on this new 6 GB variant they have solved it and the fingerprint scanner is blazingly fast. You don’t have to worry about it, it’s a fast fingerprint scanner on this one and again even on what do you say Redmi Note 5 Pro, the fingerprint scanner is actually really fast, which is still, if we compare it side-by-side that’d mean Redmi 5 Pro’s fingerprint scanner a slightly faster.


Another important thing and that is regarding the user interface you are available in Android P. I would say with personal preference, the Redmi Note 5 Pro comes with the MIUI which is used with almost every Xiaomi device that’s the same case even with this one but the zenfone max pro comes with auto stock-like Android experience and many people actually prefer that and due to that, it’s actually very fast. In terms of user interface user interface it’s a personal preference but in terms of user interface, I would say I generally prefer closer to stock Android.


Now the screen brightness, and you know the good thing is that both of them actually have a very bright screen. You don’t have to worry about indoor lighting conditions and even out. I tested them both while keeping it on auto brightness and both were bright enough to be visible even in what’s outdoor lighting that is in direct sunlight.


But as I was taking a lot of cameras sample shots with both these devices what I noticed is that when I was using the camera the Redmi Note 5 Pro, the screen became a lot duller when I was framing the subject. It was not very clear on the screen. In fact, my sister was also helping me take the photos and she complained quite a bit, why is the screen dulling when I was using the camera. Whereas on the Zenfone Max Pro, I didn’t have any problems even while using the camera the display was very bright.

Battery Life

Now moving to battery life I would say both of these devices actually get very good battery life but I have to pick up winner between these two, obviously, it’s the Zenfone Max Pro because this has a 5,000 MaH battery whereas the Redmi Note 5 Pro has a 4,000 MaH battery. Now don’t get me wrong, even the Redmi Note 5 battery is actually very good but yeah this will get you slightly more battery life.

Overall I would say if I have to pick one based on price to performance ratio definitely overall picture if you look at it the zenfone max go goes slightly ahead.

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