Collapse all open tabs using the PanicButton for Google Chrome

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Collapse all open tabs using the PanicButton for Google Chrome

In this article, we are going to learn that How to collapse all opened tab using the PanicButton for Google Chrome.

PanicButton for Google Chrome

Friends, today I am going to tell about an awesome tip/trick, which may be very useful for you.

In this trick, we will learn that, if multiple tabs are open on your browser (Google Chrome) and those tabs are private/personal (which you don’t want to show anyone).

When somebody comes in suddenly, what you will do? You will close tabs one by one, and if you want to reopen them, you will have to go through the browser history.

The proper solution for it is… you should not close all the tabs. You should collapse them all. So, whenever someone comes, you can restore the collapsed tabs. This is possible by Panic Button if you want to keep privacy in check, you can make open tabs private by using this simple Chrome browser extension called “PanicButton.”

Okay, let’s learn how to install and use it.

What is the PanicButton?

Sometimes we do some personal work in the office, like, filling the bills, internet banking or exploring another private website and somebody comes suddenly from the rear, like your boss and he sees everything which is opened on the computer. This can land you in a big trouble.

Another case maybe: If you are browsing any private website and your children or family comes suddenly.

So what we can do to protect our privacy?

We can use PanicButton to keep all the open tabs private and collapse them. PanicButton is an extension of Google Chrome browser, and it collapses all the open tabs on a single click and restores all the collapsed tabs.

How to install the PanicButton in Google Chrome?

Step: 1. First, open the Google Chrome.

Step: 2. And click the menu button (three vertical dots at the right top corner of the Google Chrome), see the below image.

Step: 3. Click on the “settings.”

Step: 4. Scroll down the window, and under the appearance section click on the themes (it will open Chrome Web Store). A handy shortcut to Chrome Web store, indeed. Or you can simply search for Chrome Web Store.

Step: 5. Go to the search box and search PanicButton.

Step: 6. After that, installation of PanicButton extension window will be open, click on “ADD TO CHROME” button (see the below image).

Step: 7. After that click on the “Add extension.”

Step: 8. When the extension is added, a message will appear – “PanicButton has been added to chrome” that means PanicButton is added in the chrome. See the image.

You have to click on this button to collapse all opened tabs on the Google Chrome browser. See the below-given image. It is showing “4” with it because when I clicked on it, there were four tabs. All tabs are collapsed, and it is showing “4”. Again when you click on this button, all collapsed tabs will be restored.

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