Latest Windows Update

Security & safety is number 1 priority. Keep your Windows up to date with the Latest Windows Update.

Latest Windows Update

Windows update is basically an update service running by Microsoft for it’s most popular as well as most useful product, came from the family of operating systems of Windows 9x and Windows NT. It gives you the facilities to automate installing and downloading the latest software updates to get better performance in every perspective whether it’s windows defender or Expression based studio programs.

As the Windows is the most useful as well as the most reliable product of Microsoft, they give major releases on regular basis for the Windows operating system (OS). Most of the updates are service based Packs (Service Packs), but nowadays Microsoft is semi-regular for their significant updates.

As we can see, from past few versions of operating system (Windows), it gets better but changed a lot in every manner. Microsoft has not changed Windows dramatically since Win 8 update. Now Microsoft is changing Windows 10 gradually with intermittent updates.

Now we are going to focus on some of the major latest information of updates (both service packs and Expression studio programs) which are regularly pushing to its users.

Latest Windows 10 update:

Windows 10 version 1803

This version also contains all features and fixes, basically previous cumulative updates to Windows 10, version 1709. The codename for this update is Redstone 4. This update brings a slew of new features and bug fixes.

Some of the latest features are:

  • Fixed blurry apps - horrible graphics scaling gets a fix.
  • Graphics Settings - now you can choose between performance and graphics quality.
  • Focus Assists - Quite Hours of the older version is now Focus Assists.
  • Audio preference for individual apps.
  • One-click Bluetooth pairing.
  • Updated Windows defender - now comes with the online protection.
  • Nearby sharing - just like Apple's AirDrop.
  • Game bar - easily accessible controls and settings.
  • Tab muting for the Edge - now autoplay videos will be mute.
  • Timeline - an advanced task view where the user can resume any task left on any device (Android, Apple or Windows) connected to the Microsoft Account.

On security level features have been rebrand and reconfigure as WDSF, WDDG, DCG, and Windows Defender Firewall.

  • Windows Defender Antivirus: It can now share detection status between M365 services and interoperates with Windows Defender ATP.
  • WDEG (Windows Defender Exploit Guard): It enhances the attack surface area reduction with intelligent rules and now available across the Windows 10 ecosystem.
  • Windows Information Protection: WIP is designed to work with Microsoft Office as well as Azure Information Protection.
  • WDDG (Windows Defender Device Guard): Configuration of code integrity is being rebranded as WDAC.
  • Windows Defender Application Guard: Windows Defender Application Guard will now protect every entry-point by isolating malware and keeping away other threats from your data.
  • Windows Analytics: Upgrade Readiness, Device Health reliability, Update Compliance.

And at last, one more important update is that the Microsoft edge’s iOS and Android versions of are now available.

Visit here to update Windows 10.

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