How To Create Shortcuts Of Web Pages On The Desktop?

Desktop shortcuts of web pages give an easy access to the users. If you visit a site frequently, you should consider creating a shortcut of your favorite website on your desktop.

How To Create Shortcuts Of Web Pages On The Desktop?

In this article, we are going to learn that how to create shortcuts of web pages on the desktop?
Many of you people will be such people, who will have to access many URL repeatedly? Like you are learning anything from your favourite website and you have to open that website daily. And you don't want to bookmark it, you just want your browser to open that particular link in the beginning (of course not every time, or we should set it as homepage in that case). So we will recommend that you should create a shortcut of that webpage so that you can open that webpage easily.

Steps to create a shortcut to a webpage on Desktop:

Firstly, open your favorite webpage on the browser (see, the given image).

1) And then, select the URL, (click on the address bar and press CTRL + A).

2) After that, exit from full screen, to do so, click on the maximize/restore icon which is on the top right corner. (i.e. restore it so that we can see the desktop)

3) Then, click and keep pressing the mouse’s left key and drag it on the desktop. (see, the given below two images)

Here, is the shortcut on Desktop...

This is done, now your favorite web-page's shortcut is on Desktop and you can open it by clicking on the shortcut.


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