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Get Free Play Store Credits

Free Play Store Credits: Buy paid apps for free

Play Store is a host of millions of apps. Most of these are free and others are paid apps. Now it happens that we want some app really bad, but we don’t want to spend money on it, or to unlock pro features we go through in-app purchase.

But, before you jump on to Google and search for cracked apps, there is a legit and easy way to purchase premium apps. By getting free Play Store credits. And apart from Play Store, no external source is safe. We strongly recommend you to install apps only from the Play Store.

Installing apps from unverified sources can harm your phone/compromise your personal data

1. Install Google Opinion Rewards

To get started, we first install Google Opinion Rewards app. How does it work? Google is constantly working on improving the user experience for its products. Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app for Google products. It asks users their experience and how strongly they recommend a certain product to their family and friends.

Always install Android apps from verified sources

This helps Google to improve its product. In return, for your responses, you get Play Store credits to your account. You can spend it anytime you like.

2. Log in with Google Account

After installing Google Opinion Rewards app, open it and login with your Play Store account. If you have more than one accounts, log in with the primary account which you use on Play Store.

In the beginning, Google will ask you very specific questions just to check if you’re paying attention to it or not. Make no mistake, read questions carefully and respond to them accordingly. This is essential to set up your Rewards account.

3. Availability of a survey

After setting up the account, a new survey is not available immediately. Rewards app notifies you when a survey is available. However, it is always okay to open the app and check if there is any survey available. This keeps app awake and you get timely notifications about the availability of new surveys.

4. Be honest while answering questions

In any survey, Rewards app asks you if you have used any of the listed Google apps/services in past 30 days. Select apps which you have used in past 30 days. Next question is about any of the recently used apps. At the end of the survey, you get some credits. Credits vary time to time but it is enough that in the 5-6 survey you can purchase premium apps.

Slowly, you have enough credits to purchase premium apps or to perform in app purchases

Hope this helps. If there is any question then let me know in the comments.

Image Source: Play Store.

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