Files Go: Google’s intelligent storage manager app

A better file manager by Google, powered by AI to clear the storage mess.

Files Go: Google’s intelligent storage manager app

After Pixel 2 launch we know that Google is focusing more on improving Software. Google wants to improve UX not just by hardware but utilizing it at its max by efficient software. After AI-powered Camera now Google is about to release a smart storage managing app: Files Go.

UPDATE: App available in beta on Play Store now, link below

App from Google!

Google accidentally released this app on the Play Store and pulled it off later on. But thanks to people who tipped GSMArena about this. You can find the link to download 'Files Go.apk' at the bottom.


  • At the top app shows storage used/available in the device.
  • It shows App Cache, the temporary files used by apps.
  • Apps media: The app backups which consume a high amount of storage.
  • Media from apps: It shows media from other apps. I have Backdrop installed on my phone and it shows all the saved wallpapers. Intelligent!
  • Unused apps: It shows apps I did not use for past 4 weeks. I think this feature is broken in this version. Because, I just used Allo and it is in the list of unused apps.
  • Large Files: Huge files which you may delete to free up some space. The files include media and backup apps from #3.
  • Downloaded files: All the files that you download.
  • Duplicate files: This is a great feature. It shows duplicate images which are from messaging apps. Like you take a photo and then send it to someone. Now the photo is in your gallery and in the sent folder of the messaging app as well.
  • Junk media: Mostly from the IM apps and other apps which saved media in their folders.
  • Files: This is file manager tab. It lists files by category or file type: Downloads, Received files, Images, Videos, Audio, and Documents.
  • Inside each category, it lists folders in a tabbed manner. I can even see data sent to Xiaomi by its Feedback app below label ‘OUTBOX’.
  • Transfer Securely without internet: Sends files fast to nearby friends. It uses Geo-location to locate, Bluetooth to identify name and WiFi direct to transfer files.

This app gives you really great insights with all information at a single place. Now we don’t need to jump from folder to folder and clean up the mess. Or we don’t need to install some shady cleaner/booster app from the Play Store. I believe this app is intelligent enough to optimize your phone at an optimum level.

These are really great features. Till now we used 3rd party apps to clear such junks. Such apps are unreliable and may cause a threat to your privacy or personal data. This app is from Google itself. And whatever file you clean, it happens right in front of your eye… rather than a shady broom or rocket animation, you know what you are cleaning.

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