How to download YouTube videos on Android

There are 2 ways to download YouTube videos on Android. Read more to find out How to download YouTube videos on Android

How to download YouTube videos on Android

There are many ways to download YouTube videos on Android phones. One of the most famous methods is to download from KeepVid. But, is it legal?
If not then why KeepVid for Android is not available on the Play Store? Find it out below.

Now it is up to you, which video you want to download.

Download YouTube Videos With KeepVid

1. Head over to KeepVid website

Go to KeepVid website on your phone. It asks to download KeepVid.apk. Download the app and install it.

Make sure to turn on unknown sources in settings.
Settings>Security>Unknown Sources

2. Open the app and search the video

First click on the YouTube logo (1st icon, on top left corner).

Search for the video. Open that video and Click on the download icon.

Select the video quality to save offline. It warns about using cellular data if you are okay with it; tap on okay.

3. Access download manager

Tap on the download icon on the top right corner to access download manager.

It shows download progress and finished downloads. Here you can manage your downloads and downloaded videos. Downloads are saved in
Internal storage/keepvid
So, you can easily access it from Gallery app.

4. Close the app

After video download, KeepVid app does not close by exiting. Pull down the notification bar. Tap on the KeepVid is running.

This opens app info in settings. Tap on the ‘Force stop’ button.

These all steps, just to download a YouTube video


  1. Open KeepVid app
  2. Open YouTube in the KeepVid app and search for video
  3. Play the video to see download button
  4. Select video quality to download
  5. Force close KeepVid

Download YouTube videos in YouTube app

In this method, we actually save the video offline. This method is safe and secure with fewer steps.

1. Open YouTube app

No-brainer here, just open the app and search the video you want to download.

2. Download

Tap on 3 dots on the right of the video (opens options). Tap on ‘Download’.

Select video quality and then tap on ‘OK’

3. Access downloads

Tap on the library, in lower right corner.

Tap on ‘Downloads’ under ‘Available offline’.

Downloaded videos and download progress are available here. Alternatively, You can access it directly from the notification bar.


  1. Open YouTube app
  2. Search for video
  3. Select download from options
  4. Select video quality

In YouTube download is not available for all the videos, it refreshes downloads every 29th day. If there is no connection available, it removes offline video after 29 days. I hope this helps.

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